From August 24th 2011 tourists must pay for their stay in Venice a tax, depending on the type of accomodation: for C 5393, that is a "furnished tourist apartment 2nd cathegory", the tax is 2/day/ person for max 5 days. If you stay 15 days, you'll pay 10/stay (2/person/day x 5 days). Childrens up to 10 years don't pay the tax, from 11 to 16 they pay 5/stay. Low season -50%. For further informations, please visit the website:

Official City of Venice website

must be collected in bags and put out of the building EVERY MORNING EXCEPT SUNDAY FROM 7 TO 9AM. It's not allowed to leave waste inside the building. From 9am to 7 am you can put waste in the garbage boxes you find throughout Venice.Should guests leave bags or objects inside the common parts of the building, or leave waste out of time, we'll keep the right to expel him with no refund.

Check-in: afternoon, by 18:00pm; check-out:8:00-10:00am. Check in/out out of time, if available, pay an extra fee of 50. PLEASE, TELL US THEIR ARRIVAL TIME IN ADVANCE! The day of departure the flat (and fridge/freezer) must be emptied from your objects and from food and waste, even if you'll leave C 5393 after 9am, and even on Sunday.

Guests are kindly asked to follow all buildings rules. We kindly ask our guests not to give any nuisance to the neighbourhood expecially between 01.00 pm and 03.00 pm and from 10.00 pm and 08.00 am. Should the guest not follow the rules established by the building and those by C 5393, the latter keeps the right to expel them with no right to any refund. In case the guest left or damaged the apartment's keys or he acted so that a technician will be needed to open the door, the fee is 70,00 including the lock's replacement, unless any other extra charges will be required.

C 5393, holder of the treatment of the personal data provided by the clients, informs you, according to art. 13 of D.Lgs. 196/03 (Decree-Law on Privacy Code), that the data you supplied us will be recorded on protected data media and/or on paper forms and will be correctly kept and protected. The treatment only concerns personal data as described by the D.Lgs. 196/03. Purpose of the treatment: personal data will be used for: 1) fulfilling the contractual obligations deriving from the client's commercial request; 2) the possibility to send commercial information about our activity. Effects of refusal of data transmission: personal data transmission is not compulsory, but it's essential to fulfill contractual obligations and related legal requirements.

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