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***CÓ 5393 ORANGE***

What makes CÓ 5393 Orange so special:

**INDEPENDENT ENTRANCE AT THE GROUND FLOOR: only 2 stairs that protect the house and your feet from Acqua Alta (floods) and your legs from tiredness!

**DOUBLE GLASS WINDOW PANES: to protect you from noises, to reduce the heat in summer and loss in winter.

**CEILING FANS in case of heat wave; large walls insulate the house and allow to avoid the need of air conditioning

**BIG POUFFS IN THE LIVING ROOM, ideal to let babies play safe and for you to dive into while back home!
There is a double bedroom and a living room with a sofa corner composed by two real beds. If you need two extra beds, you can remove the covers, the poufs,a dn you have them!
The kitchen is well equipped with oven, electric plates, washing machine, coffee maker, toasterů
The bathroom has a large shower, towel warmer, hairdryier.
The delicate orange hues of the interiors and the generous size of the rooms of this pretty and comfortable house will make your stay nicer than you expected.

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