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  • Number of bathrooms: 2

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Palazzo Masetti de Concina is one of the oldest buildings in San Daniele del Friuli, in the center of the town at the foot of the Carnic Pre-Alps, in the heart of Friuli.

The weather here seems to have stopped: for those who, like you, is looking for a unique place as a starting point to explore the magnificent views, soak in the amazing variety of unspoiled nature, and, not least, to enjoy the pleasure of the renowned Friulian culinary tradition.


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The de Concina palace in San Daniele del Friuli, together with the castle, were part of the feud of Aquileian Patriarch already in 1063. During the Middle Ages, together with the Di Varmo landlords, inside the walls of the castle there lived the “gastaldo”, who administrated the Patriarch’s properties and had the guardianship of his privileges in the feud of San Daniele.

Actually the di Varmo abandoned San Daniele after a fire started by the local peasants, which destroyed the castle, and gave away the feud to Giacomo Concina in 1756.

The Concina family had built her own fortune with timber: it came from Carnia and Austria towards Latisana, from where it went to Venice, and from there to the shipyards, not only on the Adriatic coast, but also in Sicily and North Africa.

Giacomo Concina trusted the project and reconstruction of the palace, that was to be built where the gastaldo/guardian used to live, to architect and master builder Alberto Bertoli, who worked in it until 1782, year in which both the lateral houses were built. In one of them were the stables, overlooking south, where you now see the panoramic lookout.

In the XVIII century the halls, rooms, library and archive were accurately decorated, but unluckily most of the precious pieces were either stolen, damaged or destroyed firstly by the french during the napoleonic invasions and then by the Austo Hungarian troops after the terrible Caporetto defeat in 1917.

Today the palace belongs to the Masetti Zannini de Concina family, descending from Corrado de Concina’s eldest daughter Teresa.

As from 1960 the restoration of the palace was retaken, and even if the earthquake of May 6th 1976 damaged seriously the building, it is still being wealthy kept by the passion of new generations.


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